Beautifying Public Trashcans!

The project that we (Youth Leaders in Service) are undertaking (again) is painting Public trashcans, mainly the ones at the public playground park and baseball field down at the end of town.  Last week we cleaned and primed the trashcans.  We also discussed and prepared the designs that we wanted to see on the trashcans.

Journi came up with the wonderful idea of painting an eagle on one of the trashcans.  On the trashcan she designed herself, Meta painted cute panda bears using the colors hot pink and purple.  These were wonderful ideas that will help bring color, life and vibrancy into our community!

Join us next Tuesday at 6pm (meet at the Teen Center) to do a cleanup at the park and baseball field.  We will deliver the beautified trashcans and celebrate with yummy snacks, and have reflective discussions.


One response to “Beautifying Public Trashcans!

  1. I think what the teens are doing is wonderful. It might seem like a small thing but baby steps can bring monumental change. I love seeing the kids working hard to turn blah trash cans into beautiful trash receptacles that are functional and beautiful but more beautiful because the kids made them.

    I have faith in our future with these young people leading the way.

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