Getting closer to finishing our trashcans!

Painting the trashcans has turned out to be a time consuming project, but that’s no problem!  We are taking our time and having fun painting these trashcans.  Our BRAVES trashcan is due to be finished tomorrow.  The other trashcans are well on their way to being finished.  We are hoping that we can put the trashcans back out into the community next week if not then the week after.  Our YLS meetings are every Tuesday at 6pm, but we are SO excited about our trashcan painting project that we’ve really been meeting all through the week to work on the trashcans.

Joseph White Eyes decided he wanted to paint the Mario Brothers onto a trashcan, he carefully penciled the design onto the trashcan and now we are filling it in with paint, it’s looking really good thus far.   I can’t wait to see the finished result.

We already have some awesome ideas of what we could do for our next project.  Wambli Red Bird expressed that he would Love to see the trash picked up and cans recycled in his community because cans last forever and picking up the trash would make Eagle Butte look better.


2 responses to “Getting closer to finishing our trashcans!

  1. The cans really do look terrific. i see the turtle trash can down by the high school 4 way stop and it makes me so proud to have these young people working so hard to beautify their community. it might only be painting a trash can to some but it means so much more for the kids.

    power of four and youth leaders in service are both fantastic programs and i hope the following for the blogs will increase. i think it would be great to hear from the kids – tell us how they are feeling about what they are doing. Thanks much YLS And P04 kids.

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